Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Re: Good afternoon

Good afternoon
I envy a dog that good people made wheels instead of missing legs, and I was on the contrary taken away, showing no pity, no compassion, no understanding for long 5 months.
After selling my parents' house, after their death, I bought a used car Peugeot Boxer MAXI 1999, earned money, made major repairs, in order not to stand in the field in my position, asking for help.
In YouTube there is a video clip of "Wheels of the dog", where there are no legs! This video clip has been viewed by millions of people. Here I am, quietly crying for 24 years, bedridden, but because my movement and communication with the world was a car that was destroyed by the Assistant Attorney of Kiev-Sviatoshynsky district of Kiev in Ukraine, on one black day for me, when we drove home with a women who cares for me, from the hospital and we met halfway a Jeep Honda CR-V that hit us head-on. In Ukraine, a mess is going on and I understood that the prosecutor's office will close the case and I will stay without a car.
I'm not asking for alms, though I am a disabled person of the first group, I work 18 hours a day, because my fingers are not manageable, create and develop sites, promote the work of enterprises, so even for a meeting with a client I needed a car, due to the fact, that under the circumstances, I live far away from civilization.
Tearfully beg you to help me, please, buy a car Peugeot Boxer, or FIAT Ducato, Citroen Jumper maxi, from 1997 to 2004 (they are all in one body). In Ukraine, you can buy them from $ 4000-6000. Maybe you have one standing and you do not use it, give it to me and I'll be very, very grateful to you, again I will have the wheels and can drive to the hospital, to the store, etc. and live more or less a full life in this world.
24 long years I have been confined to bed (after a serious injury, fracture of 4 cervical vertebrae with subsequent transplantation of one of them). I do not lose heart and do not go with the flow. I work at a computer. Create websites and promote them, if you need a website or promotion, call, please.
No one can help me, my parents died 14 years ago, two brothers, too. Watches and cares for me late brother's wife, she is 57 years old.
There is a mess going on here in Ukraine and the State doesn't care for us and I have to beg.
Thank you very much for your understanding and compassion. I will pray and give thanks for any help from you.
I will be glad to see you on a visit to Ukraine.
Documents confirming my disability and photos of the accident (RTI) I will provide upon your request.

Тel.: +38 (067) 720-95-86
Тel.: +38 (093) 743-68-01
skype: sh911sh






















Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main Germany








Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The new U.S. approach to email (only for americans!)

Hello! My name is Natsbook. May i tell you about myself?
File-sharing social service «Nations` book» («Natsbook») is designed for storing files and sharing it among users.
Natsbook - it`s easy!
Basic differences from Dropbox and other services:
1. Natsbook does not create hyperlinks for the rapid sharing of files on email;
2. Natsbook is very comfortable at rapid sharing of files (lections, presentations, speeches, etc.) to all listeners;
3. You do not require yourself to send files to friends and other users;
4. Natsbook involves three stages of access to the files: available, available only on request and not available;
5. Any person (not only registered) can get files by the request code on email. 
Short Natsbook video manual:
You are welcome >>>
Attachment: Press release from Natsbook
Sincerely, The Natsbook team

Monday, May 12, 2014

SEO Promotion of websites. Gain in sales.

SEO Promotion of websites. Gain in sales.
Hello! Please consider my candidacy for place of SEO person in the field of SEO-optimization and promotion of your website. 
I work remotely as a freelancer. I have experience of working as a SEO person for 4 years and as a copywriter for 6 years.  
I am looking for the long-term employment!
My skype - anitra1984 (login - Anna)
My e-mail -
Curriculum vitae
Anna Savchenko (Ukrainian)
Place of residence - Milan, Italy, e-mail:, skype: anitra1984
Employment as a SEO person, website promotion. 
Employment chronology
Employment chronology as a SEO person - 4 years (from 2010 until 2014)
Optimization and site promotion in search engines 
- Keywords (5-15) 
- Analysis and meta-tag creation 
- Analysis of HTML and correction 
- Analysis of key words 
- Optimization SEO (robots.txt, sitemap, meta-tags) 
- Analysis of competition 
- Usability Analysis 
- Keyword density 
- SEO copywriting services 
- Google Analytics 
- Google Webmaster 
- Placement on Google Maps 
- Registration of web site directories 
- Advertising on the Internet 
- Purchase of links
Educational background
From September 2000 until June 2006 The Mykolayiv V.O. Sukhomlynsky National University
faculty "pedagogy and informational technologies" 
3 diplomas with honors
From March until May 2012 - Center of computer education "Grand Union" 
Computer courses on SEO-optimization and promotion of websites.
From September 2013 up to now - SEO courses online. Modern technologies of website promotion. 
Professional skills and attains 
Windows, MS Office, Excel, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Power Point, html, ÑSS, Wordpress, Joomla, Internet, Web-design, usability.
Attains: usability, web-design, SEO-optimization and website promotion, re-writing, copywriting, SEO-copywriting, texts templates, editing.  
Basic SEO certificate, web-design certificate. 
Language skills
Ukrainian, Russian, English, Italian 
Married, 5-years old kid.
Thanks for your attention, I expect employment! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

4th of July 2012

Papa Prince and Addis

Addi and Em

Kiley's Family sat by us for the parade- so fun!

Daphne and Justin

She didn't like the sirens

Look at those ruffles, LOVE them

We went to a cool dinner and concert in Eden 

Amber and Justin

How could you be sad with her around?

Swimming after the parade

Another grab bag

Daphne had her first make over. she put on some lovely turquoise eye shadow with an amazing application of mascara! You can tell she was very pleased with it...

Until I told her we had to take it off

So big

I made a special meal and Chocolate Pot De Creme for Mother's day.

They are the cutest sisters!

Daphne walked her first dog. thanks Grandma Loosli and Misty

I made a penny top in our ottoman for Jake's copper anniversary present

Lauren chopped her hair and grew up all in a day!

They love riding the lawn mower with Daddy

We had a girls night and made everything we ate in mini versions. So above is a mini tres Leches (Lyndi's fav) and below you can see the many other minis. Then we watched a chick flick. 

I thought she was being really quiet

My cousin Jennifer painted the coolest family tree at my Grandma's house in the play room. I LOVE IT!

The ones who started it all...

My mom and dad's branch

the little room in her play room (Daph's favorite)

Her first fat lip, turns out you can't stop someone swinging in mid air, but she slowed them down a bit- with her face :(

Daphne and chelsie's little girl Emma at the park

Playing on Danny and Taryn's swing set with Cadence

Lyndi as Finn the human having a cookies and Kool-aid sale.

My first niece was born and Daddy daughter field trip

Hadley Ann Macfarlane born April 27th 2012

Jake met Lyndi at the Tree House for a fun kindergarten field trip and tehn took her out to lunch for  Lucky slice Pizza.

We sure do love this little girl1

Lyndi's Adventure Time Birthday

Jake the Dog Cake

LSP, Jake, and Finn hats

Princess Squeeze -its in an Ice King trap 
(the girls had to get them out with their teeth like bobbing for apples)

All the kids, and you can see a few of the Princess Bubblegum hats

Poor Manfrey the pinata

Lyndi sett the pranking balloons free

Photo Album