Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The new U.S. approach to email (only for americans!)

Hello! My name is Natsbook. May i tell you about myself?
File-sharing social service «Nations` book» («Natsbook») is designed for storing files and sharing it among users.
Natsbook - it`s easy!
Basic differences from Dropbox and other services:
1. Natsbook does not create hyperlinks for the rapid sharing of files on email;
2. Natsbook is very comfortable at rapid sharing of files (lections, presentations, speeches, etc.) to all listeners;
3. You do not require yourself to send files to friends and other users;
4. Natsbook involves three stages of access to the files: available, available only on request and not available;
5. Any person (not only registered) can get files by the request code on email. 
Short Natsbook video manual:
You are welcome >>>
Attachment: Press release from Natsbook
Sincerely, The Natsbook team

Monday, May 12, 2014

SEO Promotion of websites. Gain in sales.

SEO Promotion of websites. Gain in sales.
Hello! Please consider my candidacy for place of SEO person in the field of SEO-optimization and promotion of your website. 
I work remotely as a freelancer. I have experience of working as a SEO person for 4 years and as a copywriter for 6 years.  
I am looking for the long-term employment!
My skype - anitra1984 (login - Anna)
My e-mail -
Curriculum vitae
Anna Savchenko (Ukrainian)
Place of residence - Milan, Italy, e-mail:, skype: anitra1984
Employment as a SEO person, website promotion. 
Employment chronology
Employment chronology as a SEO person - 4 years (from 2010 until 2014)
Optimization and site promotion in search engines 
- Keywords (5-15) 
- Analysis and meta-tag creation 
- Analysis of HTML and correction 
- Analysis of key words 
- Optimization SEO (robots.txt, sitemap, meta-tags) 
- Analysis of competition 
- Usability Analysis 
- Keyword density 
- SEO copywriting services 
- Google Analytics 
- Google Webmaster 
- Placement on Google Maps 
- Registration of web site directories 
- Advertising on the Internet 
- Purchase of links
Educational background
From September 2000 until June 2006 The Mykolayiv V.O. Sukhomlynsky National University
faculty "pedagogy and informational technologies" 
3 diplomas with honors
From March until May 2012 - Center of computer education "Grand Union" 
Computer courses on SEO-optimization and promotion of websites.
From September 2013 up to now - SEO courses online. Modern technologies of website promotion. 
Professional skills and attains 
Windows, MS Office, Excel, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Power Point, html, ÑSS, Wordpress, Joomla, Internet, Web-design, usability.
Attains: usability, web-design, SEO-optimization and website promotion, re-writing, copywriting, SEO-copywriting, texts templates, editing.  
Basic SEO certificate, web-design certificate. 
Language skills
Ukrainian, Russian, English, Italian 
Married, 5-years old kid.
Thanks for your attention, I expect employment! 

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