Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tough face

Last weekend we were up in Island park and it was a bit cooler than usual for August. We were out in the hotub and the boys were having contests who could sit out in the cold air the longest. They were all crossing thier arms and making tough faces and Lyndi decided to join in. We were able to snap this pic before she broke and I just love her immitation!

Friday, August 29, 2008


So I copied this idea from Michelle's blog because I was curious what mine would show. It takes all the dialouge from your blog or whatever you choose and randomizes them- the larger the word the more you used it. Suprised on some but altogether just interesting!

Summer Fun!

So we were really lucky and got to go to Lake powell again with Jake's mom side of the family. Again we had a blast and ate so good we probably gained 5 lbs (I'm really hating the swimming suit thing this summer). It really is like a cruise, amazing food prepared by Becky all the time. I finally got the jump on the wakeboard this trip. Also we had a dance party with some sweet tunes one night and let Lyndi do a little crowd surfing. Our brand new surf board was stolen for the 2nd time but we still used an older smaller one. Also Jake and I went on the most breathtaking hike (beautiful and quite the work out). So you probably can't tell in the picture of him and I but we were really high above the chanel and you could see forever. Lastly, the funny pic is of Lyndi Isaac (Jake's youngest brother)and I at Cherry Hill showing off our pirate hooks on deck of the ship.

Braces off!

This is actually kind of late but Jake got his braces off and I thought it was something to note! His smile is gorgeous!

The 2nd picture is of all of us in the "Debond crew" (Dr Brown and two of the other assistants Noel and Rachel with their significant others because we made it so all of them were getting their braces off on the same day) The perks of working for an Orthodontist!

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