Monday, February 28, 2011

More newborns

So I really hate all of the pictures with us in them but that one at the top was the best. First of all we took it on my bad side when I still had Bell's Palsy and Jake didn't shave. Also my makeup was really dark because my cute sister did it for me and didn't realize how much darker it looks if we are doing closed eye pictures. But Daphne looks adorable and that's what really matters. We did have a little mis hap that made editing these pics a nightmare. We did the pics with her in the flower basket as the second pose and she got a really bad rash. So all the pictures except with the hot pink rug we had to edit out the rash :( It was sad but I think the pictures still turned out.

My girls

I finally got the cd of Daphne's newborns! I'll post a couple more but these are some of my favorites. During the photo shoot Daphne peed and pooped on us and the studio floor. I was so embarrassed! It was fun though and she is so adorable. I just can't believe how big she is already compared to the new born pics. She still looks tiny though on the huge love sac in this last pic. Also the pic of Lyndi and her friends was of them doing a candy heart picnic on Grandma Mac's trampoline. They are cute girls and so funny when they play together.

Photo Album