Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Big Party

Lyndi's 5th birthday party was a blast! The theme was from a video game we play a lot as a family called Little Big Plant. In the game you have levels and collect points, and things to decorate your levels as well as the costumes for you "little sac guy". So the drawings that were hung around the house were of the sac guys in different costumes and then they were able to decorate themselves with a choice of face paint, and decorate a small rice crispy sac boy with fun treats. I was very impressed with the quality of face painting at another thing we went to so we hired them to come to the party and it actually took a lot of pressure off of us to entertain. My husband was amazing and we really have fun planning and getting ready for these parties. There is no way I could do it without him and family that helps.


Easter turned out to be pretty amazing this year. Lately I have really been missing my family and wasn't looking forward to another holiday without both of our parents. Jake's Mom and dad were going out of town and my parents still live forever away in Texas so I decided we needed to do something fun with the kids that are here. We ended up joining both of our families for Sunday festivities and had dinner (chicken milanesa, gnocchis with red sauce, fried corn, salad and chocolate eclaire dessert) then a Easter egg hunt and some family pictures. It was a lot of people but turned out really fun to mix it up.

On Saturday morning we went to the Fruit Heights easter egg hunt to start off Lyndi's 5th birthday. I was so proud of her because she filled her basket really fast and then started giving some of her eggs to some kids who didn't get very many. She has such a sweet heart, sometimes she just needs a little nudge, but when she sees how it makes others feel she catches and almost won't stop giving.

Friday night before the in laws left we did the yearly egg wars and guess who won!! ME! I seriously never even get close but I guess I had to show the Macfarlanes how its done ; )

I am so very thankful for family, SPRING (which we haven't seen much of yet), and mostly my savior Jesus Christ who makes my life more full of joy and peace. He has given me so many priceless gifts and I treasure them with all my heart!

Bumble Bee Bash

Our sweet neighbor gave us some free tickets to go to the Bumble Bee Bash at Discovery Gateway and it was AWESOME! They had little bee headbands for everyone, face painters, a magician, rope/sash dancer (if that's what you call them), crafts, a puppet show and food w/ bumble punch (yellow juice with Hershey's syrup swirled on the cup). we had a blast and ended up hiring one of the face painters for Lyndi's Birthday party.

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