Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sledding and celebrating!

Well Jake was sworn in as an Attorney of Law the day after I got back from the hospital after delivering Daphne. Miraculously and with some good pain pills I was able to go to it. Since we missed his graduation from Law school for his sisters wedding in May, it was great to be able to support him and witness this great accomplishment! I can honestly say that Law school is one of the hardest things we've been through and I'm so very glad its over and that he can be practicing so I can stay home with the kids. It is a blessing I don't take for granted.
Also it finally snowed enough for Lyndi to get to go sledding and she was soooo excited. We bundled Daphne up in her little teddy bear jumpsuit and took some rides down the Fisher's hill in our neighborhood. I almost ran us into a tree one time but we had a blast!


From the top- Daphne went to all of church for the first time because Jake and I both needed to go the full time for teaching and training. She wore the dress that Lyndi wore for her first time to church and filled it out well even though she was younger going for the first time. Lyndi and Angie matched perfectly at our family Thanksgiving party so of course we had to take a picture- the second one. Then the last three were taken yesterday to show the super cute leg warmers Angie made for the babe and to show how chunky she's getting. She is also smiling at us when we talk to her now which is fun and makes you feel good. Ps. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for smiles!!! Most of all to be able to smile again myself!

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