Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is my bro Braden and his gf Amy all ready for the dance!

My beautiful little sister Emily all dolled up for her first highschool dance (homecoming)

Painted our toes!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I LOVE this girl!!! "Hate-a block-a's"

Friday, September 26, 2008

oops put this post after the next one : )

Lastly how good he is gift giving. Here is one of my amazing, thoughtful,and creative anniversary presents. We have a thing with the full moon and whenever I look at it I think of him and some fun memories. So he made me my very own full moon lantern that hangs over my bed day and night. Hence our blog title with the full moon and fall is our season together. I love you Jake and hope this litttle insight post can give you alll a taste of my wonderful life with Jacob Whitney Macfarlane.

The Best Husband/Dad Ever

So it’s a little late because my first 3 attempts were erased. But Jake’s 25th birthday was the 22nd and I’m finally able to redo this. I think it’s about time I let him and any curious reader know how much I appreciate and absolutely adore my sweet Jacob. I’ll try not to get too mushy but no promises since some of you might already think I have. Starting at the beginning seems appropriate so I’ll tell you the first (non physical thing that drew me to Jake. The first idea I had of Jake was that he had a reputation for being a really genuinely nice guy. I also thought he was kind of quiet just because I didn’t know him so when I saw his impromptu dance in the high school fashion show I saw that he had a crazy fun side. Then the thing that sealed the deal (or started me pursuing him) was when he asked me to dance at senior cotillion and I felt more comfortable talking to him than any other boy before. Since then I have been shown more and more amazing attributes that only a girl would dream of in a husband and best friend. So now to keep this from being a kind of long picture less post I hate reading I’m going to show some of his highlights through pictures.

So one of the things I love most about Jake is that no matter how old we get and how mature we are supposed to be, we will always have fun and be like childhood best friends having fun!

Another thing that I love and that I think is a very important attribute for a Dad and Husband is their ability to make you feel beautiful (no matter how contrarily pregnant you feel), loved and special to him.

His worthiness in the church is very important. Also his aspirations to always improve and get better together, the goal being to ultimately return to our Heavenly Father as an eternal family.

What an awesome, fun, loving, caring, and patient Dad he is!

One of the things that sealed the deal when deciding who to marry is how great he is with my family and how much he cherishes his own family ties.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Moment of silence please... my first of I'm sure many, plastic spoons, is ruined- melted in Grandma's dishwasher (we don't have one). I guess I'll just have to go get some new ones. Thankyou for your respectful silence.

West Nile Here I Come

So I know this picture is gross and not very flattering of my oh so lovely white legs but this has got to be a record. One hour outside in Utah (not even a foreign country where this is prob more common) 7-8 oclock pm, running around playing soccer (soccer socks up to my knees) and I woke up this morning with 35 mosquito bites just from my knees down! So that is why, even though I hhate this picture I had to prove its not a lie. Also if I die suddenly you might be able to guess how.

Friday, September 19, 2008

She thinks she sees a bug. I know I prob should put clothes on her but isn't she so cute and skinny? We are heading into the wonderful time of potty training and I think I'm going to try doing the naked thing where you don't let them wear anything for 3 days and watch them like a hawk. A lady at work swore by it and said she didn't have any accidents after that and went strait to underwear. If you have any input I would love it cause I'm new at all this stuff.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So here we are as sweet rockers... Jake is the drummer from Blink 182 Travis Barker with some of the exact same tatoos he actually has. I am just a crazy rocker chick. We were invited to a rock band B-day party and heard it was a costume contest so you know how we are... go big or go or something like that... all I know is that those tatoos took way to long but Jake loved it. His cousin Brad spent almost a full day at a family reunion drawing them from pics we printed off the internet. Sharpie markers and RSVP pens if anyone is curious and they come off ok with alcohol and a lot of scrubbing. Above are some detailed shots of the tats. I drew the fish one and the one on his hands... he didn't trust me with much more. Also the lip ring is actually a toe ring so don't worry, no one was hurt in the process. Needless to say we won the contest and had a great time!

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