Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The many faces of Disneyland

This was our awesome room at the World Mark! Thanks Papa Mac!

Her excited face for Disneyland!

Dumbo was the very first ride! Everyone in our group rode it except for the picture taking papas :)

My amazing mother in law did alot of babysitting while the big kids went on rides. Thanks again Gramma Mac for making it such a fun and care free trip!

Meet Lyndi's friend Sherman the orangutan

Soar'n California...maybe it was one too many pictures for Jake and Lyndi ;)

Lyndi made a wish with a penny in a fountain that she could have a lollipop and since its where dreams come true, Jake surprised her with it! Then he also gave me a cute little black Mickey Mouse ring and asked me to marry him again. I said yes! I sure do love that man!+

It was a long day! Look at the drool!

Repunzel was worth the wait ( I waited two hours in line while she and Jake went on other rides since it was the ONLY princess she wanted to see). I have a feeling when Daphne is older we will have to meet ALL the princesses!

 The Roger Rabbit ride ended up being a bit more scary than I had remembered. Toon Town was a blast though.

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