Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finer things club!

If any of you are fans of The Office then you know what this club entails, if not it is like a book club with finer things... namely good food! Jake and his mother and sister Angie started reading well before me and until they went out for a nice dinner one night with out me I wasn't going to do the club with them because I am not really a reader. But my love for food and hate to miss out on things inspired me to read the book while at Lake Powell. We read "The Lovely Bones" and it was a little heavy for me in the beginning but the interesting point of view and descriptions were the best I've ever read. After the completion of the book we all went to the movie and dinner where we discussed our favorite parts of the book or asked each other what they thought about certain things. The pizza factory turned out to be a good place for a bread stick dual and Angie had an interesting ice experience (if you'll notice the picture of her cup with the ice suspended). Oh ya and we were honored with a celebrity guest appearance of Alvin the Chipmunk which Lyndi was delighted with!

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