Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Remember the Children's Museum? . . . me neither.

Taking your kid to the Discovery Museum at Gateway is fun - except when she tries to hog all the toys that you're trying to play with and she won't let you have a turn with the magnet stackers. Children are so . . . childish!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Day (Program)

Thanksgiving with my mom's family is great - we do it in a cultural hall and this year my Grandma told my mom, "I sure wish there were a program at these get-togethers." So, naturally, we built a human pyramid on the stage and my little brother Isaac read turkey jokes into a microphone - probably not what Grandma meant, but it was entertaining anyways.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


So I was going through our slide show and realized that some of the pics need some explanation- if you don't look at the pics or don't care to hear explanations then just ignore this one. So there are a couple with colored eggs featured in them- this is from a Macfarlane family tradition called egg wars, every easter they color eggs and sometimes make them into people or chararcters (intimidation purposes) then we have brackets and everyhting and you smash egs together until the last one whole with out cracks is pronounced the winner. You should try it only as long as you aren't to attatched to the egg (there were some tears with the youngest contestant).
The other explanation is that we have a couple pics involving some of us squezzing in the end of a hand railing.... This doesn't get much better witht the explanation but nontheless I will tell you. We were in Yellowstone and bored (how can you get bored when there are a bunch of guysers waiting to go of a and miles to walk to them and see, I know) so we decided to see who could sqeeze their whole body through it. Sadly enough Jake and I weren't able to get past the hips. Jake is skinny but he has some killer hips.
Last but not least some of the pics are from our Cruise which has been a definite plus of Marrying Jake : ) there are many but it was really neat and something I didn't dream of doing until I was retired or something but Jake's fam took us. We went to Cozumel and Beliz. So that might explain some of the pics. Hope this wasn't too boring for you.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Adding Family

Hey everyone, big big news! My brother Tyler Prince is engaged to his sweetheart Kiley Mccombs. They are going to be married January and we are super psyched to have her as part of our family. Plus it will be really great to have another married couple in the family - then me and Jake won't be the only ones. Anyways, huge shoutout to them and a congratu-freakin'-lations from Jake.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Butter Facial

Maybe this is something that is only funny if you were there for it, but it's my blog so I'm going to post it anyway. Last night we were watching Office after dinner and Lyndi was just messing around by the dinner table. All the sudden Becca looks over and our crazy girl is rubbing her hands on the butter and then rubbing it on her cheeks! I guess she thought she'd give herself a little facial. Anyway I guess we have to add butter to the list of things not to leave out - unless maybe butter on your face is really a good thing. Anyways, here's out "Butter-Facial" girl.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I don't know if this does them justice but michelle came over and helped me make these really cute magnets. We both had some battle wounds- i have a sore purple thumb from pushing them together and she got a small puncture wound from a metal piece. The price of craftiness I guess.

Welcome to the Trax (or as I like to call it, the 7th circle of Hell)

Yesterday I had to catch a 5:45 trax train to get to my car. I usually ride it down a little bit earlier to avoid the rush, but I got out a little late. I get on the last car and the stench hits me . . . tobacco and B.O. that I can actually taste. (think Pemmican Beef Jerky pulled from a chubby kid's armpits after gym class).

So I decide within like 5 seconds that at the next stop I'm going to get off and get back on the next car. The only trouble is that when I get onto the next car I get hit with urine vapors - that's right - the sweet smell of human pee. Not just a hint of it either, it's like the whole car has been washed down in the stuff.

There's one more stop to go so I decide to try my luck again at the next stop and go to the last car. At first everything smells OK, but then I get a wiff of some bozo getting on behind me who has just stepped in something fresh! Long story short, I will never ride the 5:45 again unless I am carrying a full can of Febreeze and wearing a nuclear waste suit. I got to experience a whole cornucopia of human stink - public transit is great. At least you know you can choose your stench of preference right?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Want Candy!

Okay, so the vid-clip is a little wierd . . . but I had to have this song in the post because it's great for Lyndi's first trick-or-treating experience. We went to Becca's Family's trunk-or-treat thing and it only took her two cars to get the system down. I hold my basket up and look cute - you hand over the candy - and if you lower the bowl I frantically grab as much as I can!

At first she was very concerned about keeping toto in the basket, but when the candy started coming in, it turned out that toto dropped down a couple of notches on our importance list. If any candy dropped out, she would sing a frantic "mee-moh, mee-moh" (clean up, clean up) and get it back into the basket.

She is in love with M&M's so we let her keep some of those, but we tried to hide most of the candy when we put her to bed - you can't hide things while she's in the house. Even if she's in the other room . . . she can sense that the candy is on the move and she won't tolerate it. So later we went to Kelly & Becky's house and she developed a love-hate relationship with their little moving trick-or-treat doll. She was freaked out by it, but she didn't want us to put it away! She is so funny sometimes - Halloween is great when you have a kid!

What do you think about Trunk-or-treats (1) vs. traditional door-to-door (2)? Everyone seems to think that the trunk-or-treat is safer, but door-to-door seems to have done fine for the past 100 years. Is it really getting more and more dangerous to trick or treat or are parents just getting more and more paranoid? I guess to the kids, as long as we get the candy, the method isn't as important.

Fairies, Elvis & Cats at Becca's Work - Pam and Micheal Scott from "The Office"

Paper mache head . . . looks easy enough, right? . . . WRONG!!! Pulled an all-nighter to perfect that bad boy (I swear the photo doesn't do him justice). Anyway it's not like I had anything more important to do right? Becca stayed up that night too sewing her and Lyndi's costumes - we're hardcore.

This one is a picture of Becca's office on halloween. I thought that Dr. Brown's Elvis costume was pretty stylin'. I guess the girls were all supposed to be fairies but a couple of them switched last-minute. Kind of funny that they did the whole cat thing since that is what Becca did for the law-school party to look like Pam.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tickling my girl. love her laugh

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