Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hair trimm/ photo shoot

My sister Amber stayed with us for a little while after my family moved and helped with a lot of things. She gave Lyndi and I a trim one night and we ended up taking a bunch of pictures while she was cutting Lyndi's hair because it was a good distraction. She is so funny because she likes to make different faces and then look at the picture an laugh and laugh.

Where an Adult can be a kid...

Lyndi had her first trip to Chucky Cheeses with us and her uncle Isaac. She had a blast and Isaac was really cute with her. We saw a crazy squirrel figure on a log by a horse ride and thought it was pretty funny. Jake actually did a pretty good side by side impression and I love how even though we are adults we can be like kids and have fun. Also Lyndi had some unconventional ways of riding the rides. One instead of sitting on the seat she climbed the stork to ride him, poor guy was missing a wing. Here are some pictures of the excursion.

Our own little trip to the Willard beach.

On Memorial day we went with the Macfarlanes and some friends to Willard and went boating. We did some surfing and air chair and wake boarding. Jake stayed back on the beach with Lyndi for one of the runs so that we didn't get ticketed for too many people on the boat. He is such a fun Dad! They took turns burying each other in the sand. The only pics we have, again, are from our phones so here is some of Lyndi buried, and Isaac surfing.

Lost..... Camera....

OK so I know it has been way too long since I have posted but I can't find my camera and I am definitely a picture post-er. So I finally decided I will just fill in what I can and post any pics from Jake's and my phone that might be good.

So first item of news is that my family, after many crazy trials or close calls and miracles have arrived and are living in Texas now. It wasn't as earth shattering as I thought it would be and I feel like Heavenly Father has helped me out a lot with them being gone. For the most part I'm ok. Sundays and upcoming holidays are the hardest. We have gotten on the web cam and Skype'd a few times and that actually helps a lot more than I imagined. Any chance I get to see my siblings (Tyler and Kiley, or Amber) that are in Utah still, it feels like my family isn't as far away. Jake has been really good with the whole thing and has made sure to do anything he can to help it be easier. Also his family is great and I couldn't ask for more from the "in laws", they are amazing. Wow I know this makes me sound like I'm crazy or a baby or something but I just never imagined living this far away from my family and I really enjoyed seeing them at least once a week. My family are some of my best friends in the world and I gain so much strength and support from them. Lyndi Kept asking to play with my youngest brother Shea but I think now she understands a little better that he's far away. She did the cutest thing at the park the other day. We were in this part of the play ground that is like you are driving a car and I asked her where she wanted to go. She exclaimed TEXAS!!!! SO I drove and told her it was a really looooong drive then when we finally got there I got out of the toy and pretended to be different people in my family, every time she would be so
excited and give my a huge hug and smile and say "Oh Papa, I missed you, or Shea I missed you ect...." It was sooooo cute and made me cry. Its been quite the adjustment for my fam too. My Mom and Dad are trying to start over and get there new life out there all organized and started. Emily has had to retake some sophomore classes because the requirements are different for graduation and she goes to early morning seminary, then works out with the x-country team, gets ready and goes to school from 5 am to 4:30pm. Hyrum is in middle school and said he's the shortest guy in school even though he's in the oldest grade, also he has started at the famous Woga Gym to work hard on his gymnastics. Lauren is in middle school too and says she hears more swear words in a day out in the halls then she ever heard in her whole life growing up. Shea is getting used to how much more intense homework and school is. They all are making friends though and don't complain too much but ask when we are going to visit every time we talk. Hopefully we can visit soon!!!! This picture at the end is off them at the beach. they e-mailed me the picture of there first fun excursion, a overly needed break after all the craziness with the move.

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