Saturday, November 3, 2012

4th of July 2012

Papa Prince and Addis

Addi and Em

Kiley's Family sat by us for the parade- so fun!

Daphne and Justin

She didn't like the sirens

Look at those ruffles, LOVE them

We went to a cool dinner and concert in Eden 

Amber and Justin

How could you be sad with her around?

Swimming after the parade

Another grab bag

Daphne had her first make over. she put on some lovely turquoise eye shadow with an amazing application of mascara! You can tell she was very pleased with it...

Until I told her we had to take it off

So big

I made a special meal and Chocolate Pot De Creme for Mother's day.

They are the cutest sisters!

Daphne walked her first dog. thanks Grandma Loosli and Misty

I made a penny top in our ottoman for Jake's copper anniversary present

Lauren chopped her hair and grew up all in a day!

They love riding the lawn mower with Daddy

We had a girls night and made everything we ate in mini versions. So above is a mini tres Leches (Lyndi's fav) and below you can see the many other minis. Then we watched a chick flick. 

I thought she was being really quiet

My cousin Jennifer painted the coolest family tree at my Grandma's house in the play room. I LOVE IT!

The ones who started it all...

My mom and dad's branch

the little room in her play room (Daph's favorite)

Her first fat lip, turns out you can't stop someone swinging in mid air, but she slowed them down a bit- with her face :(

Daphne and chelsie's little girl Emma at the park

Playing on Danny and Taryn's swing set with Cadence

Lyndi as Finn the human having a cookies and Kool-aid sale.

My first niece was born and Daddy daughter field trip

Hadley Ann Macfarlane born April 27th 2012

Jake met Lyndi at the Tree House for a fun kindergarten field trip and tehn took her out to lunch for  Lucky slice Pizza.

We sure do love this little girl1

Lyndi's Adventure Time Birthday

Jake the Dog Cake

LSP, Jake, and Finn hats

Princess Squeeze -its in an Ice King trap 
(the girls had to get them out with their teeth like bobbing for apples)

All the kids, and you can see a few of the Princess Bubblegum hats

Poor Manfrey the pinata

Lyndi sett the pranking balloons free

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