Tuesday, July 12, 2011

God bless America... and my family too!

MY FAMILY IS MOVING BACK TO UTAH!!!!! We went to the Mandarin for Father's day and this first pic was from goofing around and chatting outside after we were done. They were all trying to turn their feet all the way in or out and I had to take a picture because they looked so funny! Just wish I could have caught Tyler doing it with Jake. The last two pictures are of the girls seeing their Papa Prince after 6 months for Daphne and a year for Lyndi. They were so sweet and they sure do love their Papa!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Every body loves surf'n....

Since we had quite a few pictures of everyone surfing and it is definitely one of my favorite things to do I am designating a whole post to it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lov'n Lake Powell

First of all a public Thankyou to Kelly and Becky for all of the money, time, cooking, cleaning, repairing and selflessness that goes into these trips. then a few explanations for memories sake of the first 6 pictures. #1 to remember all of the funny things that the kids say or do about Kelly's missing leg. (they like to inform him that its gone, sometimes stare or look away, sometimes jump or scream when he makes it jump at him etc)
#2- We have some awesome, funny, and smart kids in the family but mostly I think some really amazing Moms.
#3- Jake was one of the only brave souls to do the air chair this trip with out Eric doing his back flips, and he did really well!
#4- Lyndi is really fast to make friends but its not every time they can play so well and get along so effortlessly. Paiton was an awesome help in keeping Lyndi happy and busy.
#5- Jake and I found the most amazing mud pit, covered our whole bodies in it and let is dry (worked wonders on my skin...or maybe just dried it out) then we washed it all off except my face so i could show Lyndi, then jet skied back to the house boat.
#6- The pose with Lyndi wearing her visor and glasses was classic Lyndi. She got all ready for a little kids hike and I asked her to do her best hiking pose- that's what I got and I loved it!
Ok mostly the rest will just be to look at-

This trip was the Macfarlane Family reunion. We had so much fun and love being with family and friends. The food is amazing and dessert was in abundance this trip since we were celebrating quite a few birthdays.
Also lots of cute and fun babies on the boat! Here are a few pictures of some of them. I somehow didn't get a picture of cute Kyler who was my favorite pee-er off the back of the boat! He was so cute!

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