Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Horror and pedicures!

Apparently filing nails is horrifying to my brother. He was helping his wife paint her toes- mostly to prove he could be good at it I think, and then he got frustrated and irritated by the filing and covered almost her whole toe! It was pretty funny. Then the boys talked us into watching a sick Zombie movie for Halloween and they owe us big time because it was truly horrific!


Ginkies!! (Velma) Like, who's ready fro some candy?(Shaggy) Scoooby dooby doo!(Scooby , of course) So to explain a few of these, the one with Lyndi in the wagon is classic because her face and she kept telling the "Mystery Machine" to "Stay there myssery masheeeeen!" all night when it would roll a little in the drive way of the trick -or -treat houses. And the one where she is crying is from when she sprayed her uncles cologne in her eyes and couldn't open them normally with out screaming for over 30 minutes. It was sooo sad, and on Halloween too! But luckily, her favorite dog Lucky (no pun intended)was there to snuggle with and cheer her up.

Family din din

This was the last big family dinner we had before my family moved to Hades.. oh I mean Texas. My Aunt Jacquee invited us over and it was a blast! AMAZING food - us Princes do love our food! Also this is where my camera monster lives so you will notice that these are from the summer then the next post will be pics from Halloween when we got it back....finally!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Camera found- picture updates

We went to a Davis Drum Line reunion and it was so fun to see everyone and catch up with what they are up to! Then also Lyndi had her first girl party/ sleep over with Jake's cousin's kids...soooo fun!

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