Thursday, August 12, 2010

Past parties

We went to Provo to visit Tyler and Kiley and i just had to post this pic from our little dance party. This girl can dance like you couldn't believe.

This is a Lego statue of a man riding a dog on top of a building...Lyndi is very creative in her commands.

This is Lyndi at Daxton's crocodile Birthday party. So fun and the cake was awesome!

Lyndi had her end of year pre-school program. This pic was when they were singing the 5 little monkeys song. Our favorite part was when Lyndi wouldn't let the little boy with Mr Alligator get her monkey because she is so much taller than everyone... Miss Lori had to come and help her give it up.
Then we had an awesome Party with a chance of meatballs for Lyndi's 4th b day. Jake made the awesome pinata that looked like the machine in the movie that spits out the food and a fun pin the beak on the rat bird game. I made the spaghetti and meatballs cake (ice cream cake with with piped frosting for the noodles, Ferreroche meatballs, and strawberry red sauce), and the cheeseburger cake (yellow cake buns, cocoa crispy patty, and Starburst and fruit roll up toppings). Then the fam helped out with cooking the noodles for the kitty pool full of spaghetti and pretend meatballs.

Then we threw a really fun Bachelorette party for Angie. Her friends gave her a make over and then took her out for ice cream then we came back and played games, had cake and opened presents. This was probably the only pic I would put on the blog but rest assured we still kept it appropriate ....enough.


We had quite the April snow storm so we decided that Lyndi's snow man "Alpha" needed a new friend. Meet "Awkward" the snowman... yes Lyndi picks out these awesome names all by herself! Then we have some pics of the cute rain gear Gwama Mac got for Lyndi's birthday and Kelly's 50th Birthday celebration. Last but not least the epic battle of easter egg wars, some awesome Pokemon eggs Jake decorated, and Lyndi and Daddy easter morning.

On a more personal note I feel like there are some things to mention that we don't have pictured but definitely impacted us that spring. I'm a planner if you didn't know (meaning I like to make plans in my head of what to expect in the future). Most of the time Jake and I are on the same page with these plans and sometimes I make my own hopeful plans and Jake is nice enough to try and humor me on most occasions. as far as our Law school, living, and work plans we were agreed that Jake would take the Bar in February (which he had been taking extra classes and working really hard to be able to do for the past 2 1/2 years) then once he had passed that, I could quit and we could move back into our house in May when our renter's contract was up. I also had my plan to be pregnant in time to have a baby hopefully by March (Jake was thinking April or May so as to not cut it too close to the Bar). So when the FBI lost Jake's background check paperwork and time after time things were delayed beyond his control to the point we were going to have to wait until July to take the bar, you can imagine how our little plan crumbled. On top of that we went 8 months with no luck on the pregnancy thing. Emotionally that was really hard on me for a couple reasons. We got pregnant with Lyndi right away so I kind of expected the same thing. Then we had been off birth control for a couple years and I had been secretly hoping it would just happen and was ready to have another one for that long already. Then I had some friends who were trying for years and I kept worrying that their might be something wrong now and that we wouldn't be able to get pregnant again. I know that there are so many who have suffered much worse and know that my Heavenly Father was very aware of how much I could handle. I received many blessings from family members praying for me, fasting, church lessons, and priesthood blessings that got me through. So I kept working and Jake worked more and started studying for the bar for the second time so he wouldn't lose any of the knowledge he had started accumulating with the first course. It seemed like a huge set back at the time but of course it all worked out. I am now 30 weeks pregnant with our 2nd little girl, Jake just finished the bar and I will be able to be a stay at home mommy in October. I have gained such a respect for working mothers, people who struggle with infertility, my husband who works so hard to be able to provide for our family, and especially my father in heaven who I know loves me and knows what is best for our little family. It has been hard to have my family gone through out these trials but I have had amazing support form people around me here, from them even though they are far and my savior Jesus Christ.

Catching life abbreviated

Ok so I have never been the best at writing in my journal regularly, writing missionaries or friends like I should or even keeping in touch with people like I would want to so you shouldn't be surprised to see how long its been since I have posted but it is definitely something I would like to change because I feel like it is not just a fun thing to do but as a family journal it is really important. A lot has happened so I will try and get some good pics up to summarize and hit key points or life changing experiences. The last thing I posted about was my trip to Texas to visit my family and i have a few of my own pics I'll put up. The pic where we are making faces is at this amazing 3 story park we went to, then Amber gave Lyndi a trim while we were there (she is always so good to take time out or her day to take care of all of our haircuts), then the pic at dinner is from when we took my dad out for his B-day for some real Texas BBQ, then there is a sweet pic with the flag at the temple and last of that section is Lyndi when she went and caught tadpoles with Shea and her daddy.

The pics of Lyndi with my mom and dad are the first time she saw "Gwamma Princess" in 6 months and Papa Prince in at least a couple months. I was just as excited to watch her see them again as I was to see them myself. The other two pics are from a fun walk we took as a family and the one with us in a parking lot is a Trade days.

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