Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I made a couple dresses for Lyndi for Christmas. They are kind of summer dresses but hopefully she can wear them with shirts underneath or jackets. I found the little peices of fabric on a really good sale and finally made them. My first time besides Halloween costumes so hopefully it all works ok.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Work Christmas

This year with the economy not so hot we decided to do a little someth'n someth'n with our us bonus $ instead of shopping (Our boss is wonderful and gives us an incentive bonus pool that we ually go shopping with). Anywho we were able to use donations from that pool to buy a bunch of scarves, hats, gloves, and coats to handout this morning at the SLC mission (not LDS mission but a place where people who are struggling can recieve donations and breakfast before they go out on the job hunt). It was fun and cold so I'm glad we were able to bring a little warmth to those people. We handed out some donated donuts, coffee and sandwiches. Then we went out as an office for breakfast as our Christmas party. We saw this huge gingerbread house below.

The Twilight Zone

So I know I'm a little late and everyone has given their full opinion of the Twilight movie but i took this pic right after we saw the movie and thought it was cute! It was soooo fun to watch this movie with my little sister who was absolutely ready to expolde when the movie started. I enjoyed the movie although was dissappointed at a couple parts.... but very excited for the 2nd one since it will have a ton more funding. Hear that? The bar has been raised!

Lyndi was very excited to have us home but her horsey wasn't so enthusiastic.

The Macfarlane 'charlie brown tree'

We didn't want it to be too big just in case Lyndi pulled it over on her self... there wasn't really a size between this and the 10ft trees when we were cutting them down so there you go!

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