Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christmas and Christmas parties

Christmas day was very busy between opening presents, talking to my two brothers on their missions, skyping with my family and the Memmott family Christmas festivities where the family is so big we use the church cultural hall and tables to fit all of us! Jake also made zombie tag shirts as you can see from the pic of my sister in law Angie and her fiance Eric.

My friend Michelle invited me and lisa over for a sleepover! It was a blast and I haven't had one in forever. Of course we had to take some silly pictures! Then I also got together with some high school friends and went out with Jake to the Roof for our company Christmas party. Love Christmas time

My Aunt invited my family, my brother Tyler and his wife, and my sister Amber over for a Christmas dinner and we had soooo much fun talking and bringing up old family memories.

Be'n silly and Mac fam Thanksgiving

I think one of the best things about being silly is having fun wherever and whatever you are doing. I'm glad my husband and daughter are so much fun! We may not be the most "mature" or well behaved group but I wouldn't change it for the world!

The rest of us...

Our own little Prince family Thanksgiving. We have so much fun and just laugh our heads off when we are together. Also down at the bottom I went to the pre-showing of New moon a while back and Jake even made us some sweet fan T-shirts...not too geeky, just for fun. I went with my sister Amber and some girl from work (plus my boss of course) ps. if anyone is looking for a job and has Dental experience we are hiring right now.

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