Monday, October 22, 2007

Us girls trying to stay warm

The dark mark! Jake drew it on his brother John's arm for the Harry Potter 5 premier. Never saw it coming that Dumbledore and Grindelwald crossed more than just wands though. My mom and Becca are in denial - even though it came straight from the Rowling's mouth they refuse to acknowledge that Dumbledore is out of the closet. (All ya need is love . . . bah ba dah da daaaaah).

Becca has short hair!

This is the girl made from a pizza that Jake made for his cousin Brad's bachelor party - (Brad doesn't eat sweets so we had to improvise with a pizza). Brad had to take a bite without his hands for every spouse question he couldn't answer. We like to refer to her as Pizza Jen. Johnster and Jake made her with their own two loving hands at Papa Johns. The party was fun, but we couldn't get too crazy since Brad's little brother Ryan was there and so was Brad's dad and Jake's dad.

This is kind of like the "Tarynator" cake that we made for Danny Wariner's bachelor party. The Tarynator was a Taryn shaped cake with two pink Hostess snowballs (gues where?). Danny probably had an easier time of biting into the Tarynator than Brad had devouring Pizza Jen. Even though we had Jen slip in some fake answers on purpose, Brad did really well! Him and Jen are now living in the house that he built with Johnster over the summer. The "For Sale" sign is up and they are hoping to sell soon since driving to school in Logan each day is pretty tough. Brad will put the address as a comment to this post if anyone wants to go out and see it - maybe he'll even put up some pics to look at . . . who knows?

Anyways, this is Pizza Jen - enjoy.

We went and did the indoor surfing with our friends Lance and Brecklin. It was a blast. Note to girls that go- wear a shirt over to prevent some embarrassing moments

Side ponytail

Soulja Boy

This is a video of my awsome mom doing the soulja boy while my sister, Angie, secretly video taped on her phone! She is the coolest mom in the world and we love that she does this sort of crazy stuff. If you want to see what the authentic "Souja Boy" dance looks like, just look at:

For a mom who has never seen it done, she's not half bad!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Halloween everyone! This is a picture of our amazing, award winning costumes last year. . . In case you can't tell we are Woody, Jesse and the alien from Toy Story 2. Jake's mom helped us out a ton since she is talented and amazing like that. Just wait until you see what we do this year!

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