Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Minnie mouse ears and glitter toes, delicious food, exhaustion, but oh so much fun...more pictures to come!

Meet Addy

Mr Addis Kirby Blane Prince is the cutest nephew ever!! I just wanted to show you a little time line of his last 7 months since I have hardley posted at all in that time. He is sooo sweet and I love being an aunt! Tyler is such a cute dad and Kiley is an amazing mom- love them both! Its also nice to have some company in the parenting siblings department. He is quick to smile, has cute little grunts and loves me- I can tell :)

The creativity of Lyndi

Meet Princess death and her friend the zombie apples! Lyndi never ceases to amaze me with her creations! She also strung a charm onto some string cheese, used random things to create her name in a modern art sort of way and lastly decided Daphne needed to represent a bit more and wanted her name across her diaper in a very specific way! I love how creative she is and if you like this you should check out her blog at lyndimaesunnyday.blogspot.com

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