Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to my cute sister Emily! She turned 16 today and we had a fun lunch with all the girls. She just found out she has diabetes and she missed being old enough for prom by 3 days and she is still one of the cutest most positive people I know. Our birthdays are two days apart and we've always been close. I just love her and want her to know I'm proud of her and I'm so glad she was born.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Playing in the dryer at my mom's house!

We were shopping at target for bag for my sister Emily and Lyndi pretty much wanted as many as she could fit on her cute little arms.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Ball

Jake took me to his Law School Barrister's Ball. I had a blast and we danced so hard we were crazy sore the next morning. Jakey was cute and even asked me like in high school so I answered him in a fun way. Then he went with me and helped me pick out my outfit. Most every one was wearing black party dresses cause it was semi formal but this was what we found. Definitely different than my usual dress apparel but it was fun. I only wish I could have captured some of Jake's sweet dance moves on film to show you guys. We really need to get out more cause wow!

Emergency Preparation

I know this is a really boring subject line and alot of us feel like its unimportant but I am finaly getting started and for those who are doing it here is a cheap idea. So my mom and dad went up to the cabin for conference and I wasn't able to go but I did get to go with my Mother and sister in law to their family get together and we had a little emergency preparation class. One of the things we made were little home made heaters. You buy one of those small little paint cans, cheap toilet paper, 77% rubbing alcohol, a lighter and duct tape. Put the roll of toilet paper in the can and fill it until the roll is saturated and almost submerged in the alcohol, then seal the lid down by pounding it with a rubber mallet and duct tape the lighter and a coin (to open can) to the can and you have a 12 hour heater. You can use it for a while and then seal it back up and use it more later too. The top pic gives a good idea of what they look like and the bottom pic is my sister in law Angie ("drinking the alcohol") and Becca my cousin. Anywho -pretty cool and cheap. Just thought I'd pass that one on.

Friday, April 4, 2008

So today I was feeling really sick and Lyndi had way too much energy so we did chalk drawings outside and she loved it. chalk is good cause it washes out. She has marked up clothes, carpet, walls and her skin with all sorts of markers pens and high lighters. She is fast too cause she knows I'll take them away as soon as I see her.

Can you guess which one was her favorite color?

I made a little picture myself.

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