Monday, January 31, 2011

Prince's Unite

First of all Ryan is home from his mission!!!!!! I need to get a better picture of him with Daphne that doesn't make her look like she has such a bad uni-brow. It was so neat to have him finally see her and hold her for the first time along with all my family in Texas since my mom was the only one who got to come down when she was born.
So we had some little Christmas miracles this year. My family was going to try and come just after Christmas but wasn't able to. so then I thought I'd have all the Princes in Utah over at our house. Then my brother and his wife were going to California and then last minute someone in my parents ward in Texas offered to fly my two single sisters out to be with the family on Christmas. Such a nice thing since the tickets by then were so expensive and I knew my sisters really wanted to be with the family. But then all the stocking stuffers and presents we had gotten ready for them were kind of a waste and I was pretty bummed that I wasn't going to have any of my family around. I have to admit even though I was excited for them I cried quite a few times leading up to Christmas day. Then my husband surprised me with plane tickets for Daphne and I to go for a week the day after Christmas. I was more excited for that then I think I have been for any other present in my life. He is the best husband ever! Seriously, I just about died thinking that I was going to be with everyone and most of all the rest of my family was going to be able to finally see my daughter and hold her. I think the very best part of the trip was when I got there and watched everyone gather around her and saw their faces and excitement over her. We got to go do some shopping with gift cards they had received as presents from some other giving soul in their ward. Jake also told me part of my present was to take them all to a movie since they can't afford to do that very often. They have an awesome discount theater close that is like half as much to see the same movies right when they come out so we went and saw Tron! Then we were able to go see the Dallas temple again and they all did baptisms while Shea, Daphne and I went and found Shea a CTR ring for his birthday coming up. Braden gets home in July and then we will all be able to be together for a bit. It was a dream come true and can get me through until I get to see them this summer. I love my family so much and really between Jake's family and my own there is no one I'd rather be with. I love my friends too but its just not quite the same and I am so grateful for the love, friendship, support and closeness that I enjoy with our families.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot Date

I got all dressed up and we went out for dinner with a gift card we got for Christmas. By all dressed up I mean doing me hair and make up more than the norm and wore high heels. Sad I know but it was fun and we just don't get to go out as often anymore. Then we watched a movie together. I love Jake and really we really needed some just us time. It was AMAZING!

Playtime and field trips

I helped Lyndi and her friend Ashley build a fort/restaurant. They watched a movie on the little mini dvd player while they ate Ramen noodles, Caprisuns and fruit snacks. They thought it was the coolest thing ever and it was a good distraction while I put away all the Christmas decorations. Lyndi really wanted to keep up everything Christmas indefinitely but it was time. Then the field trip we went on with her pre-school was to Great Harvest and a dentist office. I was so proud of her because she volunteered to be the helper at the dentist and she even followed all the rules at the bakery. They were supposed to hold onto the big bowl all the time unless they were in a line following the lady. It has been really fun for me to do things like this with her because I felt like I missed out on a lot of the mom and me things when I was working. Its definitely been busier than I thought since I stopped work, with two now, but its been wonderful. I've gone back a couple days to fill in for someone while they were on vacation but that has been it. My sister Emily is living with us and that has made things so much easier. I have so much respect for mothers who do it alone. I don't know if I could. Turns out I'm not as patient, fun, or talented as I thought I'd be as a mother. Growing up with 8 sibblings even doesn't prepare you for being THE MOM. I'm glad that its something I can continually work on and that no one (husband) included really expects me to be perfect right away. I LOVE "working out of my home" being mommy. Most of all I LOVE my girls!

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