Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is Lyndi dancing with Jake's dad, her grandpa Mac.

I thought these pictures were really cute. This is Lyndi and my little cousin Joseph. He's about the same age as Lyndi and I don't think he appreciates her affection. Notice what it says on Joseph's shirt- it reflects well the feelings on his face.
This is all of us girls- the bride and bridesmaids. Look how cute the bridesmaids flowers were. I thought it was way cute instead of a little boquet or corsage. And the pine trees smelled soooo good. Oh and the names from Left to Right are Amber-m, Me, Chazelyn-k, Kiley, Amanda-k, McKenna (Kirby)-k, Emily-m and then Lauren-m in front. M is for my sister and K is for Kiley's.

So my sisters didn't exactly appreciate how they looked in that last picture I posted of them so here is a better one from the reception. Aren't they beautiful!! I love their red hair. If you can't tell I tried to go a little red recently but of course nothing can compare witht the natural red head. I heard somewhere that red heads will be extinct by 2060 and that blondes are on their way out also, which I looked it up and it ended up just being a rumor. It did say that 75% of women color their hair so who knows who is natural anymore huh!
It was freezing outside the temple waiting for our turns with the photographer. Even with coats and family huddles we were all shivering and are teeth were chattering. The photographer was really good though and kept us laughing so it was fun. This is my mom and the two youngest in my family, Lauren #8 and Shea#9 our cute little brother. On a funny note he (Shea)wrote a letter to Santa this year and told him he was so good that "I could be the angel on top of YOUR tree!" He is always saying funny little things.

The happy couple coming out of the temple.

These are my two cuties at the wedding luncheon!

Bachelor Party

Hopefully no one is offended by this one but I had to put it on cause Jake worked so hard on it and I thought is turned out really well. This is the Kiley cake that Jake made for the bachelor party for my brother Tyler. They recorded a movie of Angie posing as Kiley (Kiley was out of town) answering questions. Then they asked Tyler the same questions and whenever Ty got one wrong he had to take a bite out of the Kiley cake with no hands. It was funny. Well no girls were allowed but I heard it was the best bachelor party ever. Sometimes I wish we did silly stuff like this at our showers... Maybe the next girl I know that we do a shower for will get a man cake... hmmm we'll see. Amber, Michelle, or Lisa.... get ready!

Lyndi Mae

I know that this picture isn't very modest but I just love the outfit, the fact she's standing on a pedestal, and her face was priceless. We just have so much fun with our crazy girl.
"Ho ho ho", this is at our Prince family christmas party.

Do- di (doggy)

This pic is from my St. George trip with Michelle. We were at Wal-mart and they were selling these adorable little puppies. They let Lyndi hold one and it was so sweet and gentle. It just snuggled right up to her. I have said I never want a dog but this made me want one so I better be careful. Between Lyndi loving dogs and how cute they are when they're puppies I'm going to have to toughen up.
Look at how big this horse is. I know we were at sea world but
I just couldn't believe how huge it was.

Feeding the dolphins!

Our beautiful hotel lobby!

Finally, I know!

Ok so this is one of the promised picture from Sea World. This is all of the girls I work with starting top left Tina, Leslie, Erin, Melissa, Rachel, Kasey, and then me and Noel on the bottom.

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