Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sledding and celebrating!

Well Jake was sworn in as an Attorney of Law the day after I got back from the hospital after delivering Daphne. Miraculously and with some good pain pills I was able to go to it. Since we missed his graduation from Law school for his sisters wedding in May, it was great to be able to support him and witness this great accomplishment! I can honestly say that Law school is one of the hardest things we've been through and I'm so very glad its over and that he can be practicing so I can stay home with the kids. It is a blessing I don't take for granted.
Also it finally snowed enough for Lyndi to get to go sledding and she was soooo excited. We bundled Daphne up in her little teddy bear jumpsuit and took some rides down the Fisher's hill in our neighborhood. I almost ran us into a tree one time but we had a blast!


From the top- Daphne went to all of church for the first time because Jake and I both needed to go the full time for teaching and training. She wore the dress that Lyndi wore for her first time to church and filled it out well even though she was younger going for the first time. Lyndi and Angie matched perfectly at our family Thanksgiving party so of course we had to take a picture- the second one. Then the last three were taken yesterday to show the super cute leg warmers Angie made for the babe and to show how chunky she's getting. She is also smiling at us when we talk to her now which is fun and makes you feel good. Ps. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for smiles!!! Most of all to be able to smile again myself!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daphne Jane Macfarlane

The two pictures with other babies are some friends that were born close to the same time. the bottom one is our cousin Brad and his wife Jen's baby Porter thent he one with all the dark hair is my friend Rachel's baby Paxon. Daphne was born 10/10/10 at 7:57 weighing 8lbs and 7oz's and 20 in long. She took about 8 hours to get here and had a relatively smooth delivery. She had some problems with her billirubin being high so she had a light bed and or pad she had to have on her at all times if possible for a couple days and nights as you will see pictured above. She eats more than Lynd did for sure so she has earned the title of little miss piggy. She smiles a lot in her sleep and smoetimes when she's awake and has the cutest sneezes I have ever heard (there are usually 4-5 and the last one are two aren't full sneezes but more like a couple yelps- for lack of a better describing word). I think that she looks like Lyndi but her nose is different, she has a rounder face, more chub and her hair is totally different. Lyndi's was dark like mine when born then lost it after a couple months and it came back in lighter where as Daphne's is light golden brown that seems to be getting lighter and I'm hoping she doesn't lose it cause its so much fun to have all the hair. She isn't sleeping very well lately but she used to be giving me a bout a 4 hour chunk then off and on for the rest of the night and morning. She slept better during the day of course. I just feel like even though its hard sometimes I am so very blessed that we are able to have these amazing little girls in our family.


Bottom to top this time. This picture of the baby was one of the 3D images we got and I took a picture of it on my phone so it's not the best but it was so neat to be able to see the baby this way. Her little legs were up with her hands up under her chin. We go another one of her drinking and snuggled but her nose was squished so I picked this one. The next two up were of the 4 wheeling trip i took with Jake's family. I know, crazy huh? They seemed to think that I was the weird one for worrying and assured me it was a really chill trail with very few bumps. Jake was really good to take it slow but I think I pretty much had a one solid contraction the whole time. It was beautiful though and its always fun with the Macfarlane family. Lyndi had to go the blessed #2 while we were out on the trail and ended up using a lettuce leaf and some paper dividers from snadwhich cheese to wipe with. It was quite the adventure. Then the coat picture was when we were at the Mac fam cabin and had to borrow some coats from the timeless coat closet. The top one is at the Macfarlane family reunion just after one woman told me I looked like I was ready to go any minute, or I had twins, or if not that then surely it must be my 4th or 5th child..... when I laughed instead of decking the woman she asked Jake if i was going to pee my pants, with my "condition" and all. I still had 6 weeks to my due date and even though I know I get really big I just had no idea that one woman could be so tactless so many times in a row. The rest of the family was wonderful but this woman almost got it.

Randomness needing to be posted

Ok so from top to bottom there were just a few things i needed to document so we don't forget to since they are kind of random. The 1st one being that if she ever does need glasses, Lyndi would be adorable in them. She tried a few pairs on when I was getting some new ones and I just about died. The second was a cake that my friend Rachel made to tell all of us that the baby was a girl. Now that I'm writing this I'm realizing that I may have posted this earlier, hmmm. We'll leave it just in case. The 3rd pic is one that I feel like, weather or not I like it, needs to be posted. Bell's palsy was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with emotionally and physically. Thanks to a loving husband and heavenly father, as well as a lot of prayers and fasting I got through it and am almost all the way recovered from it. This picture is one of the only ones I took of my smile in the beginning and it was for my friend Lisa since she lived too far away to see me. Jake tried to do the smile with me so that between the two we had a full smile. If you haven't heard of Nienie's blog go to or check out her mormon message. It helped me through these last months when I fealt ugly (paralized and pregnant aren't really the recipe for good self esteem). The last two pics are of when Amber my sister ran the 1/2 marathon in Ogden and then we took her out for breakfast at Sill's cafe after. Lyndi just wanted a pancake and bacon-that is what she got. Her face was priceless.

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