Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I made a couple dresses for Lyndi for Christmas. They are kind of summer dresses but hopefully she can wear them with shirts underneath or jackets. I found the little peices of fabric on a really good sale and finally made them. My first time besides Halloween costumes so hopefully it all works ok.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Work Christmas

This year with the economy not so hot we decided to do a little someth'n someth'n with our us bonus $ instead of shopping (Our boss is wonderful and gives us an incentive bonus pool that we ually go shopping with). Anywho we were able to use donations from that pool to buy a bunch of scarves, hats, gloves, and coats to handout this morning at the SLC mission (not LDS mission but a place where people who are struggling can recieve donations and breakfast before they go out on the job hunt). It was fun and cold so I'm glad we were able to bring a little warmth to those people. We handed out some donated donuts, coffee and sandwiches. Then we went out as an office for breakfast as our Christmas party. We saw this huge gingerbread house below.

The Twilight Zone

So I know I'm a little late and everyone has given their full opinion of the Twilight movie but i took this pic right after we saw the movie and thought it was cute! It was soooo fun to watch this movie with my little sister who was absolutely ready to expolde when the movie started. I enjoyed the movie although was dissappointed at a couple parts.... but very excited for the 2nd one since it will have a ton more funding. Hear that? The bar has been raised!

Lyndi was very excited to have us home but her horsey wasn't so enthusiastic.

The Macfarlane 'charlie brown tree'

We didn't want it to be too big just in case Lyndi pulled it over on her self... there wasn't really a size between this and the 10ft trees when we were cutting them down so there you go!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More small spaces...

I don't know why but this girl just loves small spaces and I am always suprised at how small she really is!

Lets hear it for the girls!

So the other day my sister was having a rough day so we decided to let everything else be put on hold (like my unsightly dished in the background) and get together for lunch and made crepes and just have some fun girl time. We had a couple incidents with the whipped cream spilling out when were eating so we decided to take apicture of all of us with it on our faces but then we started laughing and spitting whipcream every where. We had alot of fun and I'm so very thankful for my sisters and daughter!

Golden Beauties

So I know it sounds funny but I've wanted to try and make onion rings for a long time. I used to hate onions but as my taste buds have grown up, I started to love them as long as they are cooked. So when I saw some onions at the store bigger than grapefruits I HAD to buy them. They turned out to be the best onion rings I've ever tasted and so pretty.... so ya I'm weird but it was post worthy in my head. The one on the left is a normal sized ring for reference of just how huge they were.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I swear I feel like I've worn more make up in the past week than my whole life put together! First I dressed up 3 times as a vampire with tons of light foundation, white powder, and shimmer powder to appear even whiter than my pale self, then I did the opposite Saturday and wore a tone of tan and brown make up to appear part african american as Lil' Mamma and Jake was Lil' John. Lyndi was the cutest little bat ever!!! Also I was very proud of my DI/Homemade under $10 costume we put together for her. We tried to make our costumes a bit different each time so we didn't get too bored but it was alot of work and a ton of makeup. I already have the 3rd eye zit in the middle of my forehead to prove it. So here is our halloween entourage.
The ones where Jake is my bearded victim was for our party on Halloween night at my parents house. My brother Ryan was Braveheart and my cousin was a dang creepy Joker while his wife was an awesome gypsi. The one below with just Jake and I is a pre-blood pic for the law-school party. Then the next one is all of us vamps at work. I look like a giant because I was wearing really tall (and extremely uncomfortable to work in) black boots. Its all worth it though I guess. Then the last two are the "lil' people" costumes. When I googled Lil' Mamma she some pics of her with a diamond studded binkey instead of a grill so that is why I have that in my mouth. We had a blast with the two other couples at Jamie's party. Happy halloween everyone!

Baby Blessing

Jake's life long best bud and cousin blessed their little baby on Sunday. Brielle Ava Brown- so cute. It was beautiful and so fun to get together with the family. So here are pics of me with Jen (the cute mommy), Jake w/ Brad (the happy father), the loving uncle and baby Bree, and Lyndi sleeping in the car on the way there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Law school Halloween party

Just in case you can't tell, I was a vampire and Jake was my victim. He rigged tubes to his punctures with a pump and would ooze blood out the holes. He steadily grew more and more drenched throughout the evening as he showed more and more people his gruesome invention. We had a lot of fun and were both sore the next day from all the dancing...I know we are out of shape. Below was one of my favorite other costumed couples there... except we didn't get the other 5 wives. It was awesome, they were all in DI dresses and most looked pregnant. I think 3 were girls and 3 were boys dressed as plig wives. Actually I just realized you can see two of the boys in the background of the pic of Jake and I.

Monday, October 27, 2008

FWD:lyndi robbed the jewlery store and told them make her a grill???????????????

My brother in law took this and sent it to me with this message- lyndi robbed the jewlery store and told them make her a grill

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yeah for being potty trained!

She's wearing her big girl panties and thinks they are so cute!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Pictures

My brave cousin took some family pictures the other Sunday. We did our little mac fam, then the Prince fam and the extended Prince..... would herd sound too mean. It was about 80 people and we were still missing around 10 so it was quite the group!
Then here is a little candid of me and Lyndi....what are we looking at? I think it was a plane, just so we don't keep you up at night.Then here is my fun family. I loved that my parents were fine with whatever (some of the other families wanted only the stiff traditional portraits) cause I think this is my favorite out of all the other families. Can you tell Lyndi was completely done taking pictures at this point? Then I liked how she captured some personality in our siblings photo.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Fun

I got to go visit my friend Chelsie who I lived with during my Dixie College days and her little boy Spencer is getting sooo big and he's just adorable.

We also got to go to my little brother Hyrum's soccer game. It was freezing but fun! He is probably almost a foot shorter than most of the boys on the team but deffinitely one of the best little guys out there. ( not even being brother ROCKS!)

We went on our first train ride to visit daddy! Lyndi made friends with another little girl and had fun talking to her. She bumped her lip though while she was excitedly jumping around and I didn't have a napkin or anything. We took a picture of her fat lip "to show Daddy" and it made her feel better.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I just had the amazing opportunity to go to the Weezer concert with my 3 brothers and two cousins with their spouses! Weezer was AWESOME and it was so fun to be there with family and have a blast feeding off eachothers excitment and everything. Also the biggest weezer fan out of all of us (my cousin James) was even able to go up on stage with some other radio station picked people and play an instrument with the band to "Beverly Hills" and "Hip Hip". They may be a bit wierd or different but so much cleaner and fun than the opening bands. I really appreciate when people can express their feelings and communicate something real instead of blurted out statements just to use profanity. Anywho I'll get off my soap box and show you the pics!

I know I look like a ghost but here we are waiting for it to start. Right to left its me then my bros Braden, then Tyler and the one flashing a sign is my bros friend Trenton.

Then down below is me and my cousin Sarah. The one below that is James, Tiara (his wife) and my brother Ryan with the red hair.

Then here are some pics of the stage when my cousin go to go up...he's in the far second to left. Sorry my camera doesn't have a good zoom. And last we have us all showing our weez spirit!

Friday, October 17, 2008

So sweet when they're sleeping

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marker Mishap

Lyndi got ahold of the black permnant marker and decided she wanted some tatoos like daddy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How bout them apples!

Aren't they pretty though? The ones that didn't have worms at least and they are so delicous! I made some apple crisp but if any of you have nummy recipes or ideas of how to use them up let me know.

I was out in the yard picking apples and it started to snow! I want my autumn back!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Small spaces

Lyndi loves small spaces, wether its a laundry basket, box, the dryer (dangerous I know), or cupboards. In this picture she's snuggled up watching Blue's clues. So sweet!

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