Saturday, September 10, 2011

Camping at Butterfly Lake

Willard and Lake Powell of Aug11

The first 5 pics are at Willard and the others at Powell. Jake is getting better and better on the wake board. I on the other hand seem to get really hurt every time I try to jump the wake so I have decided to focus more time on the surfing that I find so fun! This trip Isaac surfed without the rope for the first time really well and Lyndi did it without the rope with Daddy too! Daphne had her first turn out on the board and didn't seem to feel like it was much different than being in his arms on the boat. Daphne was much more excited about the chocolate licorice that someone gave her.

Lyndi had been wanting to go on a hike with me since Jake and I had taken our own hike so I went with her and it turned out to be a major photo shoot. She wanted me to take a picture of her or me and and her about every 6 feet. These are some of my favorites. Notice how much more real her "scared face" is than mine. Jake thought she was really looking at something disturbing. She might be a good little actress when she grows up. Also she is actually a good little climber and would have kept going if I let her but I drew the line on the little cave that she could get up with my help but I couldn't follow so it made me really nervous. She reminds me a lot of me when I was little... not good for injuries in her future.

Surfing reached an all time fun on this trip with even the little kids surfing with someone else on the board with them. John figured out just the right speed and technique to make it almost hard to loose the spot where the wave carries you. Also he spent some time with Whit and got her comfortable on the surf board and she just took off and is really good now. John and Whit live in our basement and we have become best friends. Its really neat having them close and we love hanging out with them.

This is sweet little Aiden Mac Jake's Uncle Mike's son. He is such a sweet baby and we are blessed to have his spirit in our family!

Cherry Hill

I got to take my younger siblings (plus Shea brought cousin Jack) to Cherry Hill and it was so much fun! It was neat to have them play with Lyndi and Daphne and we really spent all day in the water and eating nummy food! The 2nd pic is of Shea and Jack blowing up their shirts in the water and looking pretty funny! As you can see I didn't hold Daphne most of the time because they always want to hold her and its been a whole lot easier to find babysitters too! I love my family!

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