Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More small spaces...

I don't know why but this girl just loves small spaces and I am always suprised at how small she really is!

Lets hear it for the girls!

So the other day my sister was having a rough day so we decided to let everything else be put on hold (like my unsightly dished in the background) and get together for lunch and made crepes and just have some fun girl time. We had a couple incidents with the whipped cream spilling out when were eating so we decided to take apicture of all of us with it on our faces but then we started laughing and spitting whipcream every where. We had alot of fun and I'm so very thankful for my sisters and daughter!

Golden Beauties

So I know it sounds funny but I've wanted to try and make onion rings for a long time. I used to hate onions but as my taste buds have grown up, I started to love them as long as they are cooked. So when I saw some onions at the store bigger than grapefruits I HAD to buy them. They turned out to be the best onion rings I've ever tasted and so pretty.... so ya I'm weird but it was post worthy in my head. The one on the left is a normal sized ring for reference of just how huge they were.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I swear I feel like I've worn more make up in the past week than my whole life put together! First I dressed up 3 times as a vampire with tons of light foundation, white powder, and shimmer powder to appear even whiter than my pale self, then I did the opposite Saturday and wore a tone of tan and brown make up to appear part african american as Lil' Mamma and Jake was Lil' John. Lyndi was the cutest little bat ever!!! Also I was very proud of my DI/Homemade under $10 costume we put together for her. We tried to make our costumes a bit different each time so we didn't get too bored but it was alot of work and a ton of makeup. I already have the 3rd eye zit in the middle of my forehead to prove it. So here is our halloween entourage.
The ones where Jake is my bearded victim was for our party on Halloween night at my parents house. My brother Ryan was Braveheart and my cousin was a dang creepy Joker while his wife was an awesome gypsi. The one below with just Jake and I is a pre-blood pic for the law-school party. Then the next one is all of us vamps at work. I look like a giant because I was wearing really tall (and extremely uncomfortable to work in) black boots. Its all worth it though I guess. Then the last two are the "lil' people" costumes. When I googled Lil' Mamma she some pics of her with a diamond studded binkey instead of a grill so that is why I have that in my mouth. We had a blast with the two other couples at Jamie's party. Happy halloween everyone!

Baby Blessing

Jake's life long best bud and cousin blessed their little baby on Sunday. Brielle Ava Brown- so cute. It was beautiful and so fun to get together with the family. So here are pics of me with Jen (the cute mommy), Jake w/ Brad (the happy father), the loving uncle and baby Bree, and Lyndi sleeping in the car on the way there.

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